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All the messages below where received by e-mail and we have so many more that we can not keep up, we love to feel we made a difference with all this guys to enjoy Guatemala it´s nice to be good in something and it´s iven better to see how it shows in our clients positive travel experience. We really enjoy that!!!

Dec 24 2007

Dear Sanchinelli´s

     I am sorry that I am writing this so long after my stay, but I wanted to say, "Thank you very much" for my stay at the Posada Belen this past September.  I was fortunate to stay at the Posada for one night, on my way out to Santiago Atitlan, and then for a few days around Independence Day.

     You have a wonderful staff at the Posada, so I wanted to say thanks to Daniel, Rafael, Nilo, and of course, to "Chef" Juan.  Good service was always available, the food was always very good, and the hot chocolates ... excellent !  And, of course, thank you to Maria, who not only kept my room looking fantastic, but returned my clothes from the laundry folded and pressed.

     Thanks also to everyone for being so patient with me on my last few days, when it seems I caught a cold that would not leave me alone.  The poor taxi drivers that got stuck with me - a gringo with a stuffy nose, who could never remember whether he had paid for the cab at the hotel, or whether he needed to pay the driver !  On my next visit, I will know better, and will be better prepared.

     A Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope to see you again in the future,


     i Feliz Navidad !


     Eric Donnelly

June 2007

Hola Francesca & Rene,

I wanted to write and thank you and your staff for your hospitality...I'm home safely in Vancouver! I'm sorry that I missed you on my last night through on the way home. San Marcos La Laguna was amazing--I completed my Indian head massage course and the place just quieted my soul and I feel centred and healthy and happy.

I stayed at Posada Belen both on my first and last nights in Guatemala City. I got in late from the airport on Day 1 so I had to wait to sample your full dinner until my last night and I was not disappointed in the least. It was a homecooked meal served with flair and with caring. Your staff (Rafael, Nilo, Juan) were hospitable around the clock and I felt like I was staying in someone's home instead of just a room in an impersonal hotel. My friends at home loved the photos I took of the little garden, an oasis in the jumble of smoke belching buses and speeding cars in Zona 1.

It was wonderful to meet you both as well as your staff...I most definitely will recommend guests to you without hesitation and return myself in the future.

Take good care,
Karen Ho
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Dear Rene & Francesca:


Allow me to thank you once again for your valiant and complicated work in helping me achieve the impossible—that is visit every site that I wanted to see in Guatemala within the short time I was there!


I got lots of good stories for the news paper that I write for and will send them along to you . I know that my travelling companion Ernst from the Riu Hotel in CanCun is sending you clients too.


Guatemala still holds the mystery in a shell. Who REALLY were these first Mayans and how do they come about their complicated way of being (influenced by the Chinese? Egyptians? Olmecs?


I fondly look back over the 2000 digital fotos that I captured and can’t believe I actually saw all those places—totally to the thanks of yourselves and fulfilling the complicated schedule I had to complete. It all went like clock work.


Thanks again,


Ric Polansky  

Ps/ you can see some of the stories also on my website

dear Rene and Francesca

it was most wonderful to have had the opportunity to have spent time at your most wonderful posada.  we will remember it fondly.
until regards...gary Jan 2007

Bonjour Muy buenas dias ! I spent a couple of days in Posada Belen. I
really enjoy the place ... and most of all the very nice people of
Posada Belen. The food is excellent Bravo to the chefs !!!  Denis 
(Ulysse's Guide book on Guatemala) should be there this week. I spend 3
weeks with him. Denis is working very hard to build this tribute to the
culture of Guatemala. Muchas gracias Saludos a todos (y Denis) pierre daigle

Dear Rene and Francesca,
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we all arrived home safely. The flights home were uneventful and all were on time.
We can't begin to tell you how much we all appreciate the time and effort you spent in planning our tour and caring for us during the time we spent at the Posada Belen.  The way our tour was requested, we returned twice to the Posada Belen and each time it was like coming home and putting on a pair of comfortable slippers.  Your staff could not have been more caring. They went the extra mile for us many times.  The food was the best in Guatemala, and the Posada Belen was charming.  Please make sure to tell them all how much we appreciated them.
Hope to see you all again soon,
George, Alice, Piper, Jonathan, Mason and Valerie

Hi Francesca and Rene,
Thanks so much for a great tour I had this last Feb.28 to March 8, 2006. It was just right.
The Hotel Posada Belen, is a great place to stay and relax. It is a perfect place to stay in Guatemala City.
Thank you for arranging a well organized tour of Copan, Quirigua, Rio Dulce, Tikal, Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan and Antigua. I think I visited all of the places I wanted to see in Guatemala in such a short period of time. The hotels and their location are very well placed. I particularly like the Hotel Jungle Lodge in Tikal. It is walking distace to the Tikal ruins, making it possible for me to see the sunset in El Mundo Perdido and sunrise in Temple IV. They are both memorable scenes.
I also like the tour in Copan and Quirigua. I have plenty of time to see the ruins with a guide and also on my own.
I particularly like my boat tour of Lake Atitlan. I have learned a lot about the Mayan way of life and traditions. I am also amazed by the market day at Chichitenango. I describe it as "organized chaos", a dynamic market place.
Lastly, I like my stay in Antigua. The people at Hotel Posada de Los Bucaros are very friendly and helpful. I have a wonderful walking tour of Antigua and I visited all of the places I listed that I wanted to see there.
Again, thanks for a wonderful stay in Posada Belen. My regards to all the staff.
Thanks again for a Guatemala Classic Tour!
New Jersey, USA 



Dear Rene and Francesca, When we said goodbye, I told you that I would write you an e-mail as soon as we got home and got our business back in order. It has taken a little over a week but now I have time to express my feelings about our trip and wonderful stay with you. The itinerary that you put together for us was more than we expected. This was our eleventh trip to Central America and I can state without any equivocation, that this was our BEST.
To begin, I want to restate that your website got my attention, in my opinion it is the best site on Guatemala, available. I was a little leary about the eight night-seven day tour that you had put together, but it proved to be more than we expected. I am not trying to get you to go up on your charges by I thought it was to inexpensive to give the transportation and accommodations that we desired. I was delighted to be incorrect.
I hope you can use this letter and you have my permission to use it on your website, as a recommendation to anyone that is considering a trip to your wonderful country. Even if they are not interested in touring the country or seeing the Mayan ruins, staying at your wonderful home is a treat in its self. You and your great staff could not have done more to make us comfortable and give us a feeling of home away from home. If anyone else is reading this, I want to state that we had the free run of this beautiful home, it was like we owned the place. The four of us are still talking about how great it was to sit in you garden at night and drink wine and relive the days adventures, it is indescribable. We enjoyed the other guest that we met while we were there and I know that they were as comfortable as we were.
Ann and I are planning another trip to Guatemala in about six months and we will be booking everything with you, that is a promise. We want to take a Spanish course on our next trip and I know that you can set it up for us.
It gives us a comfortable feeling to know that we have friends in Guatemala that we can trust and have complete confidence in, to handle our every need.
I only have one suggestion, Get some bigger pillows, people from the USA like big fluffy pillows, everything else was perfect. If I could think of anything else to complain about I would. Really the pillows were not that bad, I was just trying to find something that was less than perfect. I did not want to sound like I was on your payroll.
I can not end this letter without telling you how much we enjoyed the driver that you arranged for us, Victor was great, infact we tried to get him to go home with us. Man, what a gentleman, and his English was better than mine. I hope we didn't raise the price for drivers, but we could not help but tip him above what you were paying, but we fell in love with him, he was great and the credit goes to you.
RENE--------FRANCESCA--------THANK YOU for a GREAT EXPERIENCE, My wife and I work hard and we need a break every now and then. In business you get all of the disappointments that you need, so when you get the opportunity to get away, you really don't need a hassle, thank you for seeing that this didn't happen. If you use this letter and anyone wants to contact me, fill free to give them my e-mail address, I will be happy to respond, in fact I would love to tell people about the great accommodations that you arranged for us at Lake Atitlan, Tikal, and Rio Hondo. I have staid at hotels that cost ten times as much in other Central American countries that did not have the comfort, beauty, food and service that we enjoyed with your itinerary.
I can't spell it but the hotel in Panahachell, sp, might have been the most pleasant stay we have ever experienced in our life. I think we could lived out our lives there. Jose, made the best Margaritas that Mary jean and Ann have ever had, and when you make my wife happy, Son, You have made me happy, they even had Jack Daniels there.
Dear Friends, I could go on, but I would be repeating myself, We needed this trip, we needed a rest, we needed an adventure, and thank you for arranging our trip to the orphanage. Seeing the children and the Nuns and the wonderful dinner that we had with them was the climax to a dream come true. God bless the two of you and your endeavors, it is so nice to meet honest people. See you soon, Jay and Ann Mitchell-- Dick and Mary jean Roach


Dear Francesca and Rene:

    I am so sorry this letter is so late. However, I want you to
know how much Liz and I loved your wonderful hotel and all the
special people associated with it. The hotel is charming and the
staff is so friendly and helpful in every day. Our room was charming
and we also loved the patio and the sound of the fountain. Every time
we returned, it was like coming home.

    The arrangements you made for our trip around Guatemala were
also outstanding; from the small boutique hotels to special
arrangements for different itineraries. You made sure that the entire
trip ran smoothly and we were able to see everything we requested.

    I would heartily recommend both your hotel and travel services
to anyone wishing to visit your beautiful country. I sincerely hope
that I will come to visit you all in the future.

    Thank you again you helping to make our trip to Guatemala

    Sincerely, Nancy Parker , US

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